Task Force (TF) Chairs

Jen Reinkober_PVC.jpg

Women's Issues TF Chair:  Jennifer Reinkober

Jen was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH.  After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor's degree in English, she was commissioned in the Army and retired in the Newport News area in 2014.  Jen now works for a small business that supports the U.S. Department of Defense.  She is married and has two children.  While she is new to activism, Jen cares deeply about our country and is excited to be part of PVC.  Contact Jen.


Redistricting TF Chair:  Janice Bayer

Janice Bayer is a software developer for engineering projects. A self-described nerd, Janice's priorities are redistricting reform, healthcare reform, and women's equity. Living happily with her husband Mark and two cats, Janice enjoys hiking, reading, and attending the occasional beerfest.  Contact Janice.

joann armstrongpvc.jpg

Refugee Support TF Chair:  Joann Armstrong

JoAnn Armstrong was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia.  She is a supervisor of compensation and benefits in a Human Resources department.  In addition to working a demanding full time job, JoAnn is a dedicated mom to 2 wonderful adult children.  She attended the Women's March in January and has became active in PVC as a result of the last election. 


Campaigns and Elections Education TF Chair:  Dee Minor

Dee Minor has been involved in non-profit organizations for more than 40 years. She identifies herself as a lifelong liberal who advocates for women’s and civil rights and education. Dee is an Army veteran, retired military spouse, mother of three young adult children and resides in Hampton.  Contact Dee.


Environment and Science TF Chair:  Doris

Contact Doris.