Environment and Science Task (ESTF) Force

Modern science, as training the mind to an exact and impartial
analysis of facts, in an education specially fitted
to promote sound citizenship. – Karl Pearson


Mission Statement

We will work to ensure a quality natural environment for current and future generations and to promote scientific endeavors for the expansion of knowledge and the advancement of the public good. We will pursue collective action to oppose policies, laws, and regulatory actions that undermine our stated goals. We will use civil discourse and well-informed arguments to urge public officials at every level of government to develop, implement, and enforce appropriate policies. We will act through lawful, peaceful, and respectful means. We will hold public officials to account for their words and actions related to our goals. Where appropriate, we will work with other non-governmental advocacy groups that share our goals.

Goals of ESTF Advocacy

  • The public’s needs for energy and economic development are met while protecting citizens’ health and well-being, preserving the natural environment for public enjoyment and for its own sake, using natural resources and disposing of wastes sustainably, halting and reversing damage from human activity on natural environment.
  • Policy makers use the best available scientific information to inform public policy.
  • The public funds basic and applied research and pre-commercial technology development at levels that ensure the US’s scientific and technological preeminence and robust economic growth into the indefinite future.
  • Scientific researchers are free to pursue, publish, and publicly explain and defend their research without hindrance from public officials.

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