Presidential Accountability

Mission Statement

The Presidential Accountability Task Force intends to use its awareness of events or actions by the president, which may be inappropriate, illegal, and/or dangerous to the United States of America, to generate actions to urge and influence our Virginia Senators and Representatives, and members of any Committees relevant to these events or actions, to vigorously pursue investigation of these and push strongly that any irregularity receives an appropriate punitive action.


    • Monitor current events, laws, and committees relevant to inappropriate, criminal, compromising, or dangerous presidential actions.

    • Contact U.S. Senators and Representatives from Virginia and relevant Committee members to: express our concerns about these actions(s) by the president; strongly urge them to pressure other Members and Committees (or for themselves) to pursue impartial investigations for the uncovering of facts

    • For decisive and appropriate action to be taken when warranted by circumstances or information.


    • Pursuit of investigation on Russian influence on 2016 Presidential election

    • Release of president’s tax returns

    • Separation of office of president from the president’s business interests [investigation, receipt of all info, acceptable plan for correction put into place immediately]

    • Conflicts of interest as president

    • Appointment of Steve Bannon as presidential advisor and NSC member

    • Impeachment

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    If you are interested in joining us, contact Glenn.