Redistricting Task Force


For a short and entertaining introduction to gerrymandering, check out this video from Delegate Jerry Mandering.


Mission Statement

To eliminate gerrymandering of Virginia's General Assembly districts.  In so doing, restore fair representation to voters of all parties and races, and put an end to the effective rigging of elections by our own elected officials.

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1. Educate ourselves, and then the larger PVC group, on the current redistricting process and reform efforts to date.

2. Educate ourselves, and then the larger PVC group on the benefits redistricting will provide.

3. Coordinate with and other outside groups to leverage our efforts.

4. As a result of the above, and as our most important goal, broadcast targeted calls to action to PVC and beyond.

5. Use other states' examples of redistricting when appropriate.

6. Understand the relationship between redistricting and the Electoral College.



For far too long in Virginia, our legislators have chosen their voters instead of the other way around – by gerrymandering their districts to stay in power. We need this to end so that every voter can cast their ballot in fair elections instead of "elections" where the result is a foregone conclusion! Virginia has a Democratic Governor and two Democratic U.S. Senators, yet the House of Delegates has 66 Republicans and only 34 Democrats. Why? Why indeed! Because the districts are carved up that way. We, the voters, say “No!” We deserve to be heard -- not herded.

Article II, Section 6 of Virginia's Constitution states that districts shall be compact and contiguous.  The Legislature regularly ignores the compactness requirement in order to draw their districts so safely that it's rare for incumbents to lose.

Redistricting is so important that President Obama is making it a focus of his post-presidential political life:

PVC's Redistricting Task Force is hitching its wagon to's train. "OneVirginia2021: Virginians for Fair Redistricting" is a well-organized, focused group that has already made great strides and has advanced fair redistricting as a political cause. Please note that this is a bipartisan group! Visit OneVirginia2021's website. We are coordinating our efforts with theirs, but feel free to volunteer with them directly.


Arnold Schwarzenegger fixed gerrymandering in California. Check out his hilarious one-minute video.

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