Refugee Support Task Force

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Refugee Support TF is to aide in the protection of the civil rights of immigrants and refugees, and to promote understanding and acceptance of all cultures.

Please take a moment to review 45 Fact sheets for the 45th President of the United States (PDF) released by George Mason University's Institute for Immigration Research and regarding the benefits of immigration.


  • Educate all PVC membership regarding immigration and refugee issues.
  • Monitor local, state, and national actions and policies affecting immigrants and refugees and alert PVC membership.
  • Promote understanding and acceptance of all cultures.
  • Advocate for local immigrants and refugees.
  • Monitor local ICE activity and violations of immigrant and refugee rights and alert PVC Board.
  • Seek to influence local, state, and national policy by assessing and questioning candidates and elected officials regarding their positions on immigration and refugees.
  • Hold elected officials accountable to their stated positions regarding immigration and refugees.