PVC is working to fulfill its mission to create a more progressive Virginia in 2018!  Every month PVC will host educational forums (you can find their dates here).  Some forums that have been hosted so far have been in topics like Politics & Religion, Citizen Activism, Women Empowerment, and Healthcare Education. If you are interested in attending or facilitating an educational forum, please contact us!

 Our organization is also sponsoring task focused, community engagement groups for our members which will produce both immediate and lasting impacts on our state and local communities. Each action-focused group will choose a short term goal and set a target timeline to accomplish it. Group members will collaborate to determine how they will communicate with one another. No leaders are required. Our hope is that removing face-to-face meetings and using more accessible communication will serve to increase the work that we do as an organization and support our members that are unable to attend meetings due to other commitments. 

PVC's Current Tasks are Listed Below: